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The Travel Industry is huge and each year they generate over a trillion dollars in revenue! In order to do this they also spend billions of dollars in marketing and advertising and their objective is only to convince you to purchase tickets.  So they don't always tell the truth. There are issues including safety and actual costs and weather and dangers where you visit. We approach travel from a different point of view. We show you how to be safer, spend less money on travel and have more fun! 

I have included a page called Carolyn's Adventures in Europe as my Sister in Law is over there now and is taking lots of excellent pictures that I am sure you will find very interesting and fun to look at! 

I hope that you find our website useful and we appreciate any support or ideas you have that will help make this an even better site!


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Good Internet names are often difficult to obtain that are easy to remember and that have a positive sound. There are 19 interesting sections to the website and each contains useful information for a person who wishes to go on a trip. Much of the information is unusual because normally those supplying information do it for marketing purposes to sell their products. The main objective of this website is to share useful information that is accurate not to sell products. You can if you wish modify that objective and you have an excellent starting point. You can easily add pages or remove pages or information and you can include links which will help both the viewer and your business.

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